Art by Jeff Knecht

Goodbye, 2009

31 Dec 2009

Just a quickie sketch of the train under our Christmas tree. In another couple of days it’ll be gone until next year.

My preliminary goals for 2010 are:

Draw more. In 2009, I only managed to draw a couple times per week — maybe not even that if you average it out. I firmly believe that getting better at drawing and painting is largely a matter of practice; so if I want to get better, there is no way around this. Draw more people. I have steadfastly avoided drawing people as much as I could. At some point, though, you realize that drawing people well is something you need to learn to do. 2010 is the year I start down that road. Rely less on line, and more on areas of tone/color. I have a tendency to outline everything, then fill in the areas like a coloring book. Sometimes, this is a nice effect; but I rely on it too often. Time to change my approach. Do some finished pieces. So far, my portfolio is almost entirely comprised of drawings and paintings in my sketchbooks. Time to do something worthy of hanging on the wall (or at least, on the fridge). Well, goodbye 2009. You were a good year (artistically speaking). I feel like I did get a little bit better, and I had a heck of a good time. I can’t wait to see what your baby brother brings.