Art by Jeff Knecht

Kitty on the Couch

17 Jun 2009

I’ve been in an odd state of mind all day. I think about doing one thing, then proceed to something completely different. I have a feeling my horoscope reads: “Meh, do whatever you want; you won’t do what I say anyway.” This sketch is what happened when I decided to go to bed.

The cat was lying on the couch, perfectly still. She looked so content. How could I not draw her? Of course, as soon as I sat down on the floor in front of her, she popped her head up to see what I was doing. I sat, I waited, and eventually she put her head back down. But she couldn’t resist craning her neck periodically to see what I was doing. Then she would put her head back down in a different spot.

Cats make really bad models. I guess that’s why art schools use people.