Art by Jeff Knecht

Diversey Harbor

19 May 2009

Those of you who stop by here regularly were probably wondering where I’d gone. Well, let’s just say that between a hectic work schedule, a nagging back injury, playoff hockey, less-than-seasonable weather, and a general artistic funk, I haven’t been making much art (if you can call it that) lately.

This drawing was done Saturday morning — EARLY saturday morning. The cat decided that 5:30 AM is a good time for humans to be awake, so she made it a point to ensure that I was. The sun was out, so I chugged a cup of coffee and headed down to the harbor with my sketchbook.

Of course, I got down there, got settled, and started drawing, and the weather turned. You can see the effects of high humidity and drizzle if you look closely: the charcoal started to cake, and the paper stopped taking it very well.

The bridge in this picture is where Lakeshore Drive crosses over the waterway between the harbor and Lake Michigan. When I was running every day, this was part of my normal route; I miss seeing it every morning.