Art by Jeff Knecht

He Shoots, He Scores!

08 May 2009

Everyday Matters Challenge #221 is “Draw a Handheld Game”.

Anyone of a certain age will be sure to recognize this (holy crap, did I just say that?!). These electronic games from Mattel were really the first of their kind. You can tell this one wasn’t mine, because we still have it. I think all of mine are rotting in the bottom drawer of some retired teacher’s desk.

Surprisingly, it still works. I didn’t play it long enough to see if it still creates that smell of cooking electronics that reminds me of Christmas morning. I must say, though, it is not as fun to play as it was back in the day.

The yellow (actually, raw sienna) is a little aggressive on the highlight side of the game. Sure, the plastic case has yellowed a little over time, but not quite as badly as I’ve depicted here.

I’ve noticed a tendency in my paintings to shift a bit too far into the greens. I’m trying get some decent neutral grays, but I find mixing them to be a huge challenge for some reason. I’ll blame this on a touch of color blindness, but I’m hoping practice will help me overcome that.