Art by Jeff Knecht

On Top of My Dryer

07 May 2009

Believe it or not, this is what the top of my dryer looks like. You don’t even want to know what the cleaning supply shelf looks like. And yes, that is two spray bottles of the same cleaner. There’s a third one sitting on top of the washer. I suppose some things (like taco cheese), no matter how much you have, when you go to the grocery you think, “I wonder if I am out of that? Better buy some just in case.”

After another week completely getting away from me, I got a note from Blade over at The Artistic Biker reminding me that we’re supposed to get together for a little critique session soon. I haven’t even looked at my sketchbook in almost 10 days… panic sets in. Nothing like a deadline to get your butt in gear!

Of course, by the time I can actually get around to doing any sort of drawing, it is dark outside. So I am, once again, relegated to the great indoors.

I’m actually quite happy with this one. It is, by far, the most complex composition I’ve tackled. And I did this one without a net – no pencil, no eraser (I don’t usually erase anyway, so really not a big deal I guess). I went into it really worried about keeping my proportions correct and trying to get the perspective right. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s not too bad either.

Before I added the color, I took a quick scan of the pen drawing (just in case I screwed things up). This represents about a half hour of work.

The next hour and a half was highlighted by playing with my watercolors. I bought those things with the intention of spending the month of March learning how to use them. Then charcoal caught my attention, and now it is May. Funny how that works.

The one thing I wish I hadn’t done was so much shading with the pen. It helps to visualize things as the drawing progresses, but it really sort of competes with the paint in a way that I’m not completely thrilled with. Still, the scope of this painting is beyond anything I’ve done in a long time, so I’ll count that as win.