Art by Jeff Knecht

Compact Fluorescent (Pen)

28 Apr 2009

This one was done with a Micron 03 pen. I was more cautious about getting the shape right on this one. I stood over my sketchbook rather than sitting; and I think it helped a lot. Some of my lines are too sketchy, though. This was a problem that I had in my early highschool art career, and I can still hear my art teacher in my ear: “Make a line, dammit.” Something to work on.

It was interesting to tackle the same subject with a couple of different mediums. I actually think the pen was more appropriate for the subject matter, but I probably should have been a little more bold with my line and used dark, fluid shapes for the shading instead of trying to draw it as if I were using a pencil.

On the plus side, I kept this lightbulb out of the landfill for another hour. That’s got to count for something, right?