Art by Jeff Knecht

Spray Bottle

27 Apr 2009

This is my entry for Every Day Matters challenge #131 – Draw a spray bottle.

I was sitting at home, watching the Chicago Blackhawks beat up on Calgary Flames in the first hockey playoffs the Blackhawks have been to since I moved to Chicago. I was getting tired and thought about watching the rest of the shellacking in bed. Fortunately, the little voice inside my head said, “why don’t you draw something before you hit the sack?”

I’ve been doing quite a bit of charcoal work recently and was looking around for a subject that would fit the charcoal mindset. Instead, I found this spray bottle and remembered seeing it on the EDM challenge list.

I have a couple of micron pens that I haven’t used yet, and this seemed like a good subject for them. When I finished, I thought, “why not add a little color?” so I grabbed my colored pencils that I’ve only used once in a failed attempt to draw a stock car. I think I did a little better with them this time.

Anyway, it was a nice diversion from the charcoal kick I’ve been on recently, and a good reminder to myself to mix it up every now and then — makes the whole experience a lot more interesting. And it probably helps me from an overall perspective to gain some experience with a wide variety of mediums.