Art by Jeff Knecht

More Mellarme

12 Feb 2009

I had plans outside the house tonight; so I was only able to spend about 45 minutes.

I like the way this is coming together, but there is a war going on in my head. On one side is an army of perfectionists who want the outcome to be beautiful and accurate no matter how long it takes. They are highly skilled, disciplined and precise. On the other side is a rag-tag crew of militant anti-perfectionists (is there really no English word that means the opposite of ‘perfectionist’!?). They are poorly trained, but hell-bent on swift and decisive action so they can move on to the next battle before they have a chance to think too much about it.

I just wish I could achieve this kind of result without all the time investment. I have other things I want to draw. And I want to draw them all NOW. The thought of spending 4 or 5 more nights on this is not appealing.