Art by Jeff Knecht

Joe Torre

07 Feb 2009

I was flipping through a recent issue of Sports Illustrated while I was at the barber shop today. It had an excerpt from Joe Torre’s new book in which he gives his side of the story about how the negotiations for the 2008 season fell apart – an interesting story, even if it was a little one-sided. Anyway, there was a nice full-page pic of Joe.

The guy in the chair looked like he was about halfway through the haircut, so I knew if I wanted to draw this image, I’d have to hurry. I was right — I didn’t get very far.

My goal with this was to do a complete scribble job. I didn’t want to make any sort of contour drawing, and I wasn’t going to focus on smooth shading. I wanted to treat the whole thing almost like a paint sketch — no underdrawing; just shapes and areas of color. Instead of using color, I’d could only do shades of gray; due to time constraints I could only scribble them in as quickly as I could.

I would have liked to get a little better contrast, but I think the resemblance is somewhat there. I will probably try this technique again at some point. Giving myself the freedom to just focus on areas of shade instead worrying about getting the contours correct was interesting.