Art by Jeff Knecht

My Go Bag

28 Jan 2009

This is my favorite messenger bag (yes, I have more than one, shameful as that is). It is the perfect size for carrying my sketchbook and pencil bag around town. I can get a book, my iPod, phone, and a bottle of water in there too.

I know I’ve already posted an entry for Everyday Matters Challenge #3 (Purses, Wallets, or Bags), but I’m doing this one for extra credit, OK?

Only two pencils on this one (HB and 2B). No blending, either. I wanted to keep it simple and loose.

On a side note… It’s interesting that the longer I’ve been sketching, the bigger my sketches have gotten. When I look back at the first few pages of my sketchbook, most of my work was tiny. I could have fit a half dozen of these bags on a single page. Today, I ran out of room. Now, I know that running out of room is just the result of poor planning on my part. No secret there. But the fact remains that, for some reason, I’m drawing bigger.