Art by Jeff Knecht

Can of Soda

27 Jan 2009

I belong to an online group called ‘Everyday Matters‘. It’s a group of artists dedicated to drawing/painting/sketching everyday items: shoes, wallets, food, etc. If you are an artist who struggles with picking a subject, or if you just want to hang out online with a great bunch of people, check them out.

Each week there is a different challenge. This is my entry for challenge #205 — Draw a Soda Can.

We don’t normally keep soda in the house. So I had to go buy one just for this. And since I paid good money for it, might as well drink it, right? Now I’m going to be awake all night… should have bought something without caffeine.

I was looking forward to this challenge, because I often shy away from lettering. There was no away around it with this challenge; every can of soda has a distinct logo with distinct lettering. Nobody is going to recognize a Dr. Pepper can without its logo. The lettering is a little sloppy, but the overall placement is fairly accurate; so let’s call that a wash.

I must admit, though, laziness got the best of me on this one. There were a number of really interesting reflections that I didn’t fully capture (I got some of them, but I ignored a bunch more). And I probably should have pushed the darks a little more. As it is, though, this took me a lot longer than I expected it to.

My ellipses are much better than in the past (if still a little lopsided); so score 1 for that.

Pencil (4H, HB, 4B) in Strathmore sketchbook.