Art by Jeff Knecht


25 Jan 2009

My tube of toothpaste caught my eye this morning as I was getting dressed.

I had several false starts with this one. First, the straight part of the tube was too long compared to the rolled part. Then the cap was entirely too small. Then the rolled part of the tube was ginormous in comparison to the straight part of the tube. Good thing I have an eraser!

Finally, I remembered the advice I keep giving myself… do a 30-second gesture drawing. That did the trick. In less than a minute, I had all my major proportional problems knocked out. Must remember that trick for next time.

Once I got over that initial hump, I had a lot of fun with this one and am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I kind of wish I’d done it on proper drawing paper instead of in my sketchbook.

Pencils in Strathmore sketchbook: 6H, 4H, HB, B, 4B. Lots of blending with a stump and chamois. 1.5 hours (kind of a long time to spend in the bathroom, huh?). That hard gray fade and hard edge on the right are scanner anomolies.