Art by Jeff Knecht


24 Jan 2009

Here’s a twenty minute sketch of the teapot that sits on our stove.

I’ve been wanting to draw this guy for a while, but have been putting it off for some reason. There’s lots of interesting shapes and varying textures.

I sort of messed up the symmetry on it. Probably a result of my leg falling asleep partway through, so I wasn’t able to sit perfectly still. Although a 30 second gesture drawing probably would have helped with that.

I took the opportunity to play with a chamois and a blending stump to help differentiate the plastic handle from the rest of the body and to help convey the smoothness of the teapot itself.

On this one, I used only a B pencil. In retrospect, pulling in something from the H range probably would have been a good idea for the plain metal parts, and something much softer to deepen the shadows. But, being tired and just trying to squeeze a few minutes of sketching in doesn’t lend itself to really putting in all that extra work.