Art by Jeff Knecht

Messy, Messy

08 Dec 2008

OK. I admit it. I didn’t make the bed today.

But I did draw.

I’ve felt that my drawing style has been too stiff, and I wanted to do something very loose — almost scribbling. As it turns out, this technique is called “scumbling”; and it was a favorite technique of mine back in the day.

I had forgotten about it until it just came out of my pencil today. It more or less “just happened”. I was getting tired of smudging my drawings, so I decided to hold my pencils more like a paint brush. The result was a very loose, almost out-of-control sketch. I really had fun with this.

Once again, my perspective and proportion are off. The bed is a queen-size, but you’d never know from this rendering. And it looks like the footboard is narrower than the headboard. Still, I feel like I’m making progress.